Ease of making personal, special orders at the Fort Irwin Commissary

FORT IRWIN, Calif. — Not finding what you’re looking for at the Fort Irwin Commissary? Don’t forget patrons have the opportunity to order items they are not able to find at the Commissary.

The Commissary Internet Special Order form is available at https://www.commissaries.com/shopping/special-orders and can be used by installation organizations and units to support military activities.

The community may also use this form to order case quantities of items carried by the installation store, or case quantities of items that are not usually found in the installation stores, in situations where the item is carried by a larger classification of store supported by a mutual distributor.

Orders for quantities that may be considered unreasonable may not be accepted when they exceed three cases or 36 units.

Commissaries will no longer accept special orders for unreasonable quantities or frequent or multiple special orders.

To access the form, patrons can visit the Special Order link, then click “Special Order Form” red box to download. Once it’s completed, patrons must email the special order to: FortIrwin.Commissary@deca.mil with completed.

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