Air Force

March 15, 2019

Information assists air show attendees

1. Craycroft and Swan gates will be used for all non-ID card holders and handicapable.

• Both gates will open at 9 a.m. both days of the Air Show.

• All non-ID card holders will be directed to general parking. Expect up to a half-mile walk to the show floor.

• All handicapable will be directed to closer parking. Expect about a 3-minute walk to the show floor.

2. N. Wilmot will be used for all ID-card holders (active duty, dependents, retirees, etc.).

• This gate will be open 24 hours beginning Friday and continuing through Sunday at 10 p.m.

• All ID-card holders will be bussed to the show floor from the following locations: Med Group, Borman Elementary, Sonoran Science Academy, Heritage Park, Club Ironwood, Auto Hobby Shop, and Outdoor Recreation.

Parking will be free for all Air Show attendees.

3. The following hand-carried items are prohibited:

• Backpacks – Clear or mesh authorized

• Duffle bags – Clear or mesh authorized

• Large camera bags

• Coolers

• Drones

• Umbrellas

• Outside alcohol

• Camelbacks

• Paint

• Balloons

• Illegal drugs

• Weapons (brass knuckles, mace, pepper spray, box cutters, nunchucks, firearms, knives, etc.)

• Military uniforms worn by non-military members

• Gang or motorcycle club affiliated colors or clothing/items

• Bicycles

• Scooters

• Skates/shoes with skates in them

• Skateboards

• Go-carts

NOTE: Personal carts may be used by physically challenged visitors.

Pets: All pets are prohibited from the A&A Days grounds. Service animals assisting physically challenged guests will be authorized.

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