Half day


Team Edwards,

President Barack Obama has signed an Executive Order excusing federal employees from duty for half a day Dec. 24.
In conjunction with the Executive Order, Dec. 24 is designated as an AFMC Family Day.  412th Test Wing commander, Brig. Gen. Carl Schaefer, has authorized this as a down day for 412th TW military members. Commanders and directors of civilian employees may encourage the use of annual leave or other appropriate leave (e.g., compensatory time, credit hours) for the half day those members required to perform duty on this day. Regarding civilian personnel, for purposes of pay and leave documentation, half day at the end of the workday, on will be considered as a holiday and timecards should be marked as such by using the code “LH.” For questions regarding pay and leave for Dec. 24, contact the appropriate person located below:

Civilian Personnel: Michelle Lovato – 661-277-8160.
Military Personnel: 1st. Lt. Mary Gittings, 661-277-4755.
NAF Personnel: Salvador Carlton, 661-277-7869.