Commissaries support Military Saves Week


FORT LEE, Va. – Maybe there are times when you envy friends or colleagues for the buying power they apparently command. After all, how do they spring for that popular but expensive specialty coffee, that premier movie everyone wants to see or that e-book on the bestseller list?

Seems like your budget can’t handle such splurges, no matter how rare.

For military members and their families, the Military Saves organization at Military Saves provides the tools you need to set goals and make a plan for your savings.

Military Saves Week, Feb. 23-28, would be the perfect time to get started. The site even offers support via “Take the Pledge,” a tool to kick-start your efforts.

This year, the Defense Commissary Agency is once again helping to spread the word on responsible financial planning. With its overall savings of 30 percent or more, the commissary can help you make the most of every dollar and stick to a budget. Better yet, it can help you afford healthier eating, because fresh alternatives there are both plentiful and economical.

Commissaries also promote healthy cooking at home by hosting cooking demonstrations and promoting simple meal recipes even the busiest family can accommodate.

Here are some benefits of shopping at the commissary that can help preserve your budget:

Though savings average 30 percent or more, produce delivers savings of 44 percent, and meat, 32 percent.

Commissaries offer better-for-you food choices, including organics and a growing number of “specialty” items rapidly becoming mainstream, such as gluten-free alternatives, low sodium, sugar-free and reduced-calorie products.

Around 400 Commissary Value Brand items in 33 categories offer savings of about 25 percent when compared to the store brand and private label items found in commercial retail stores. In some instances, savings could be as much as 50 percent.

Commissaries strongly support use of coupons for additional savings, and the Commissary Rewards Card banks electronic coupons for automatic savings at checkout. Card users recently topped 350,000 and more than 5.3 million digital coupons have been redeemed, saving customers nearly $6 million on their groceries. For more information, visit the Rewards Card page.

So whether your budget allows for little indulgences or sticks to essentials only, let the commissary serve as your partner in savings, not only during Military Saves Week but year round. Commissaries worldwide support the campaign by providing information on personal financial awareness and preparing nutritious meals for less. Military Saves is part of the Department of Defense’s Financial Readiness Campaign to encourage military families to save money every month.