D-M puts its agencies to the test

(U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Chris Drzazgowski)

An aircraft crash training exercise was held at the Combat Arms Training and Maintenance range here Feb. 19.

The simulated crash site was scattered throughout a two mile radius.

“The idea was to test the base’s capabilities to respond to an aircraft crash incident with a mass-casualty piece involved,” said Master Sgt. Mark Molineaux, 355th Fighter Wing inspection planner.

The simulated crash site consisted of an HH-60 training hulk, aircraft parts, an aircraft ejection seat, parachute, and dummy mannequins representing the aircraft pilot and casualties.

Emergency responders were expected to locate, secure and recover many of these items.

“Security Forces was first to respond to the isolated crash site and were able to rapidly initiate triage of the simulated patients,” Molineaux said.

There were more than 30 agencies involved in the aircraft crash exercise to include 355th Fire Emergency Services.

“The fire department actually located the pilot before they ever even got to the actual crash scene, which was cool because that showed that their guys were alert and they were aware of the situation,” Molineaux said.

Situational awareness resonated among each agency which contributed to a successful exercise.

“The 355th Fighter Wing showed enthusiasm and motivation in executing this mission, which will help identify areas in need of improvement for the future,” Molineaux said.