‘Making energy efficiency a consideration in all we do’

D-M was recognized for being an energy efficiency installation by Tucson Electric Power during the Bright Energy Efficiency award presentation at TEP’s headquarters building, Feb. 11, 2015.

The BrightEE award is given to customers who have reduced their energy use and lowered their monthly electric bills by adopting significant energy efficiency measures according to TEP.

“In 2009, the D-M team recognized that meeting the Federal Energy Policy ACT ‘05 and Executive Orders, as well as USAF goals, meant applying diverse solutions across multiple facilities,” said Greg Noble, 355th Civil Engineering Squadron base energy manager. “The team worked with the programs and operations flights to create projects and identify upgrades that had base wide impact.”

These projects include but are not limited to the central plant base cooling, condensing boilers and energy efficient¬¬ lighting upgrades.

“The energy efficient lighting upgrades project changed out 675 high pressure sodium fixtures to T5HO fluorescents in 15 hangars and warehouses, plus installed motion sensors in 8 facilities,” Noble said. “In addition, 72 LED parking lot fixtures were replaced at the Benko Fitness Center, Fighter Wing, and golf clubhouse.”

D-M’s energy efficiency programs were able to save the installation a total of $235,000 during fiscal year 2013, successfully meeting and exceeding the federal energy goals.

“D-M has also worked with numerous agencies to its energy goals,” Noble said. “These included local utilities, rebate programs, Air Combat Command, and the Air Force Civil Engineering Center.”

D-M’s focus on making energy a consideration in all we do combines the efforts of utility and facility managers, heating ventilation and cooling systems, as well as asset management, according to Noble.

“It’s a dedicated base wide recognition that energy is a strategic and expensive resource,” Noble said.

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