COMACC visits D-M

U.S. Air Force Gen. Hawk Carlisle, Commander of Air Combat Command, visited here, Feb. 27, -Mar. 1.

During Carlisle’s visit he had two goals, to certify a Viper Demonstration Team pilot, and to speak with the Airmen.

After clearing the pilot to fly in future airshows Carlisle held an all-call where he spoke about what needs to be done to maintain a solid Air Force.

“We have got to win the fight we are in today,” Carlisle said. “We have to build the best possible Air Force for the future using the resources we are given, and we have to take care of our Airmen and their families first and foremost.”

Carlisle also reached out to his Airmen for help.

“We need to do the next important thing that needs to get done not the next thing that shows up in your inbox,” Carlisle said. “We have got to set priorities and have the idea that there are things that are just not going to get done.”

In closing, Carlisle shared his appreciation for the Airmen for all their hard work and dedication to making this the world’s greatest Air Force.

“You are amazing Airmen doing amazing things,” Carlisle said. “My job is to do anything in my power to ensure you have the means to complete the mission. I can’t say it enough but thank you for all that you do.”

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