Peak household goods shipping season almost here

SEYMOUR JOHNSON AIR FORCE BASE, N.C. — A permanent change of station can be both exciting and stressful for the entire family. 

The Traffic Management Office’s goal this summer moving season is to provide you the necessary information to help you get your desired move dates and decrease some move stressors. 

In order to do that, we need your involvement. Remember, everyone wants to move during the summer and especially at the end of a month or week. Unfortunately, there is only so much carrier capacity available and your desired dates may not be available, so you must have an alternate plan. The following key steps are to assist you in taking charge of your PCS move:

– Secure your move dates as soon as possible. Once you receive your orders, your next stop should be TMO. Packing dates book up quickly, so don’t hold off until later because your desired dates may not be available.

– Provide your TMO counselor legible orders/documents that everyone can read.

– Provide your counselor alternate packing/pick-up dates that are at least two weeks out from your original dates.

– If possible, try to schedule your move dates on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday; staying away from the first and last day of the week. Doing this provides cushioning and potentially limits stressors.

– Try to avoid the last week of any month as tensions, delays and cancelations increase due to the sheer volume of moves.

– Be aware that due to overall carrier capacity issues you may need to look at other options. Personally procured moves are available if the booking office cannot secure your primary or alternate dates. Origin storage may also be an option. This will get your belongings out of the residence and placed into temporary storage until a carrier has been assigned to move it to your next residence. A last resort may be authorizing a friend or family member as a releasing agent on your behalf. Your counselor will brief you on all options.

Avoid making major decisions/commitments until your dates are confirmed.

There are many different stresses that arise with a PCS move. If you follow these key steps, you can significantly reduce the number-one stressor … your household goods shipment.

When you are ready to visit TMO, you must have your orders in hand, your desired move dates and alternate moving choices, such as storage or a PPM.

For more information, call your installation’s TMO Customer Service.

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