ThanksUSA offers scholarships to children, spouses of U.S. Troops


WASHINGTON – ThanksUSA, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to thanking America’s troops through the gift of education, is inviting children and spouses of America’s armed forces to apply for its post-secondary education scholarships, according to a ThanksUSA news release issued today.

Those interested can apply via the organization’s website, and the application period extends from today through May 15, the release said.

“Ten years after ThanksUSA was launched, we remain committed to helping military families flourish and advance their dreams through education,” ThanksUSA CEO and Chairman Bob Okun said in the release. “It’s how we can offer our collective gratitude as a nation for all that our servicemen and women and their families do for us.”

Offering Needs-based Scholarships

ThanksUSA provides need-based scholarships to the children and spouses of service members across all the armed forces, including the reserves, giving special consideration to families of the fallen and wounded, according to the release. Over the past decade, the said the organization has raised more than $10 million, resulting in nearly 3,400 scholarships. Up to 500 students are expected to receive awards this season, totaling $1.5 million.

“We believe 2015 applications will exceed 2,000 again this year, a strong indication of military families’ persistent need for assistance,” Okun said in the release. “Our objective is to raise awareness of the support our military families need on the education front while they sacrifice daily on the front lines through deployments, family separations, and transfers across the country and overseas. Through ThanksUSA, those who lack the resources can pursue their goals.”

ThanksUSA is a nonpartisan, charitable effort to mobilize Americans of all ages to thank the men and women of the U.S. military for their service to the nation, the release said. The organization provides college, technical and vocational school scholarships to the children and spouses of military personnel.