Diamond Sharp



Name/Squadron: Staff Sgt. Daniel Nelson / 42 ECS

First Sergeant: Master Sgt. Amanda Hass

Duty Title: NCOIC Security

When joined the AF: Dec. 7, 2007

Hometown: Escondido, CA

Hobbies: Hiking, painting, woodworking, and Automotive repair

Selection Reasons:

Sergeant Nelson was hand selected to stand up the 42 ECS security shop. He completed 22 hours of security manager training, drafted the squadron operating instruction and in turn trained 4 other NCOs for the new security shop. He coordinated with six different base agencies to get the program fully operational in less than six months. He was also instrumental in the inauguration of the $78M FTU complex and 55 ECG Flight and mission simulators. Sergeant Nelson configured & maintained a $70K building access system and managed a group level restricted area program by verifying 443 clearances for essential personnel & validating access to flight and mission training facilities. Sergeant Nelson completed an Instructor Methodology course toward an Intelligence Studies & Technology CCAF maintaining a 3.8 GPA. He also devoted 324 hours to study the Dari language and exceeded the Air Force proficiency standards by 50%. Sergeant Nelson aided SOCOM in an 8 hour anti-terrorism exercise that provided crucial realistic support to elite operators. Lastly, he coordinated a group wide rucking team and accumulated over 60 miles in preparation to honor WWII heroes in the 26 mile Bataan march.


Name/Squadron: Airman 1st Class Tracy L. Moore / 355 AMXS

First Squadron: Master Sgt. Anthony Chambers

Duty Title: Administrative Support, CSS

When joined the AF: January 22, 2013

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Hobbies: Weight lifting, Football, collecting shoes, and video games

Selection Reasons:

Airman Moore was vital with his attention to detail while creating, uploading, verifying and reviewing Senior Airman and below EPR/duty information for over 275 individuals. His quick and efficient process reduced more than 50 hours of the NCOIC’s review time. CSS section is on point to meet FSS Force Management suspense with zero overdue/late reports and 100% compliance. In addition, he also assisted helping over 114 individuals sign for WAPS testing dates. He ensured accuracy of the squadron’s electronic records management security groups. His efforts safeguarded 948 gigabytes of Privacy Act and FOUO data. He is an excellent multi-tasker and critical to 100% compliance of over 14 programs managed within AMXS/CSS. He selflessly volunteers off-duty time with the Tucson Trap and Skeet, where he helped raise $800 for the squadron booster club. He also was a DM-50 Volunteer serving over 3.6K people within the community. In addition, Airman Moore volunteered his time washing a historical aircraft