D-M celebrates Earth Day with Soaring Height

Soaring Heights Communities, the privatized Lend Lease housing community on Davis-Monthan, celebrated Earth Day with help from The Groundskeeper, and some of the community’s youngest residents.

“We’re thrilled to work with The Groundskeeper to plant a 24-inch Ash tree, here, at Ironwood Park for Earth Day,” said Melanie Russell, Property Manager for Soaring Heights Communities. “We have an active community, and we wanted to give our Kids’ Club participants a way to leave a positive, lasting legacy at Soaring Heights.”

The tree planting, on Wednesday, April 22, was followed by a seed planting party at the Soaring Heights Welcome Home Center. Not only did the children have the opportunity to help plant the tree they also learned more about the environment and how they can help save it.

“Soaring Heights takes sustainability very seriously on many levels, and we’re very excited to work with them on this project,” said Catherine Howle, Landscape Consultant with The Tucson South Groundskeeper. “It’s a great opportunity to teach these bright young minds about the importance of conservation, and also to have fun and get their hands dirty.”

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