Tips for surviving PCS season


SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Illinois – Preparation for the upcoming peak moving season for service members has begun and officials in charge of the Department of Defense’s household goods moving program, the Defense Personal Property Program, want to remind everyone that the summer months can be a challenging time for moving.

“We know moving can be a stressful time and we want them to know what they can do to help make the process go as smoothly as possible,” said Navy Capt. Aaron Stanley, director of SDDC’s Personal Property Directorate. “We’re reaching out to remind folks what they can do to help us help them.”

There are two ways customers can submit their application for a government move.

The first is the traditional visit to the local installation Personal Property Shipping Office, or PPSO, to receive a relocation briefing and start the move process. In many cases, the PPSO may provide computer terminals or assist customers with creating their application in DPS, which is a critical component the customer will need to access throughout the move.

The second way is for the customer to use DPS, which is accessed through the website, is the portal for DPS and the one-stop shop where customers can manage their entire move process without ever visiting a PPSO.

SDDC offers Moving Tips

Three key factors ensuring a less stressful move during the peak season are early diligent planning, attention to detail and flexibility.

Once you get orders, immediately start your moving process for a better chance to lock in your preferred pick up and delivery dates.

Create a personal move calendar with checklists, phone numbers, dates, and important web links.

Ask questions early. Accessing DPS places you in direct contact with your commercial carrier to manage your personal property move. It is extremely important to keep your phone number and e-mail address updated so that you can be contacted if changes arise with your shipment.

Requested pick up and delivery dates are not confirmed until you and your commercial carrier mutually agree on the actual pack and pick up dates.

Pack, pick up and delivery dates are normally scheduled on weekdays. You or your designated representative must be available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Longer hours may be required in some cases.

After your move is completed, please take a few minutes to answer and submit the seven question Customer Satisfaction Survey. This survey currently accounts for 70 percent of each Transportation Service Provider’s performance score. By submitting your CSS, you play a direct role in keeping quality movers in the program and identifying poor performers.

When possible, do not ship small, extremely valuable items such as stocks, bonds, jewelry, coins/coin collections and/or gold bullion (bars). If shipping high value items, keep them visible until the high value inventory sheet and inventory are prepared.

Answers to many portal questions and help for DPS can be found on the website under “FAQs,” however, members can also contact the System Response Center help desk at 800.462.2176 or 618.220.SDDC; or send an email message to, if they need additional help.