Beware of unauthorized sports tickets websites


Tucson, AZ – Better Business Bureau warns against purchasing sports tickets from unauthorized outlets. With the football season approaching sports fans might do anything to get their hands on tickets at a discounted price or sold out tickets.

BBB spoke with Jeremy Sharpe of Arizona Athletics Communications Services Department. Sharpe wants to stress that those who seek tickets through sources like Craigslist or people on the street run the risk that they could be fake.

Those looking for tickets online through a website that is not authorized by UofA to purchase tickets may find themselves with counterfeit tickets, or nothing at all after payment is placed. There are several things you can do to ensure you’re getting legitimate tickets and not getting scammed:

Purchase tickets through authorized websites such as or through partnering websites supported by UofA.

Ticket buyers should be wary of sellers who try to lure buyers from a legitimate site to another “private” transaction. Scammers want to conduct business on sites with names that mimic well-known companies but are actually fakes.

If you are buying tickets online from a seller, never pay the seller by wire transfer. There is no way to get your money back if the tickets do not arrive or are counterfeit.

By using an authorized UofA or other sports organization’s website, you will have the ability to receive proof of purchase with a receipt or confirmation email, with some other sellers you don’t get that proof.

To determine whether a website is legitimate its best to call the sports organization directly, or call your Better Business Bureau.