D-M strengthens ties with Tucson community

DAVIS-MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz.  — 355th Fighter Wing and 55th Electronic Combat Group leadership signed four memorandums of agreements with local officials Dec. 14.
The agreements are intended to increase the collaboration between the base and the local community in a number of areas.

The Educational Partnership agreements will establish on-base internship opportunities for students of the University of Arizona and Pima Community College.

“This optimizes resources, it is not only the money integration, it is the intellectual capital,” Meger said. “When I look at University of Arizona, when I look at Pima Community College, bringing that intellectual capital in and continuing to grow and expand my Airmen’s’ pool and the students’ pool and grow together, it is perfect.”

The 55th Electronic Combat Group and the University of Arizona signed a Foreign Language Skills Partnership that will improve and maintain the existing Foreign Language Skills project and mentor foreign language students with the University of Arizona.

“Pima County and Tucson has, for many years, developed a very sophisticated system of communication,” said Mayor Jonathan Rothchild, City of Tucson. “Today we made an agreement to bring Davis-Monthan into that system.”

The Emergency Response Communication Interoperability Partnership will increase communication between first responders from D-M and local community in the event of a significant emergency requiring joint response.

“This is really important,” Meger said “It is the integration of the partnership between the community and the military.”

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