D-M special observance program changes in 2016


DAVIS-MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz.  — The Department of Defense has supported observances through development of local recognition programs and culturally diverse activities since 1968. Ethnic and special observances are conducted to enhance cross-cultural awareness and to promote diversity among all military members, civilian employees, contractors, family members and retirees.

Department of Defense entities strive to recognize the achievements of all Americans and to increase awareness, mutual respect, esprit de corps and inclusion among all groups.  Active command support and leadership along with thorough planning are key fundamentals for the success of the observance program.

In order to maximize awareness and participation in the DoD’s 10 special observances and to increase active command support, D-M AFB will celebrate all observances in a one-day “Cultural Awareness Festival”.  Additionally, educational material will continue to be provided and displayed during each respective observance month.

The wing will appoint a Company Grade Officer and a Senior Noncommissioned Officer to act as project leads. They are responsible for the overall success of the event.  Under the project leads, each observance will have a person assigned as a subcommittee lead; each subcommittee lead should have at least five committee members.  Once all project officers have been assigned they will meet with Equal Opportunity, Protocol and the Command Chief to discuss the wing’s expectations for the Cultural Awareness Festival.

Even though the project leads have been assigned to military members, this does not preclude spouses or members from other units from volunteering to assist with planning observance events.

If you would like to volunteer to be the project officer leads or a subcommittee lead for the May 2016 event please contact the Equal Opportunity office at   520-228-5508.