D-M’s 2015 Economic Impact is released


DAVIS-MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. — The Desert Lightning Team and military retirees contributed $1.5 billion to the Tucson community last fiscal year, according to the D-M AFB FY 2015 Economic Impact Analysis, released April 22.

This annual report captures the base’s employment; annual payroll, expenditures and estimated financial impacts; indirect and direct jobs created; retiree data; and the overall economic impact estimate from FY 2015.

D-M AFB’s annual expenditures totaled $199 million. An estimated 4,598 indirect jobs were created by the base with an approximate annual dollar value of $195.6 million.

“How we break apart the pieces of that $1.5 billion is much like a puzzle,” said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Daniel Huffman, 355th Comptroller Squadron commander. “$597 million was attributed to personnel cost, which is salaries. People take their salaries and go out and buy goods and services in the local economy.”

Huffman also said that D-M AFB hires local contractors to preform services on the base.

There were approximately 7,541 military service members and 3,076 civilians employed on base with a combined payroll of more than $597 million. Seventy-four percent of the 7,541 military service members assigned to D-M AFB live off base and within the local Tucson community.

There are 19,487 military retirees reported in the local community with an annual retirement pay of $521.6 M.

Huffman expressed appreciation to the local Tucson community and to the service members and retirees that support D-M AFB. “We very much enjoy being a valuable part of the Tucson community.”

The Financial Analysis Office of the 355th Comptroller Squadron is responsible for collecting and validating information for this report.