357th Fighter Squadron

Mission: Train pilots to plan, coordinate, execute and control day and night close-air support, battlefield surveillance, and reconnaissance in support of friendly ground forces.

Vision: Through disciplined and efficient instruction, build aggressive, quick thinking, combat-ready attack pilots with solid foundational mindsets and a technically accurate understanding of the A-10 and its tactical employment.

Description: The 357th FS conducts all Air Combat Command formal course directed aircraft flying training, including transition, day and night tactics and weapons employment, day and night air refueling, dissimilar air combat maneuvers, and advanced targeting pod employment. The squadron prepares its students for and certifies them as combat mission ready attack pilots upon graduation. The unit is made up of roughly 20 military personnel, 24 A-10C Thunderbolt II aircraft, and associated squadron facilities and training equipment.

Slogan: “We Train the World’s Finest Attack Pilots”

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