42nd ECS

42-ecsMission: Provides the 55th Electronic Combat Group with combat-ready EC-130H COMPASS CALL trained aircrews. Directs all EC-130H aircrew initial academic and flying qualification, difference and requalification training for 20 aircrew specialties with more than 200 aircrew students trained annually. Provides registrar support to students. Maintains quality control for all aspects of contracted aircrew training and manages courseware development for 22 Air Combat Command syllabi. Provides the group with simulator support for both continuation and initial qualification training.

Vision: Train Professional Aviators

Description: There are 55 active-duty aircrew, support personnel and civilian members providing EC-130H COMPASS CALL flight and simulator training for 175 active-duty formal training students annually. The EC-130H is a modified Lockheed C-130 aircraft capable of reducing an enemy’s ability to wage warfare through disruption of command and control capabilities accomplished with a crew of 13.

Slogan: “Training Professional Aviators”

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