Detachment 3, Air Combat Command Training Support


det-3Mission: Det. 3 is one of 13 operations training development detachments located throughout Air Combat Command and was established Oct. 1, 1991, as a major command special activity when control for operations training development reverted from tactical training wings to Headquarters, Tactical Air Command.

Description: Approximately 21 people are assigned to Det. 3. Represented specialties include A-10 instructor pilots and EC-130H Compass Call subject matter advisors for mission and flight crew positions, education, training, instructional systems development specialist, editorial experts, and computer resource management specialists. The mission of Det. 3 is to develop, manage and maintain all formal training syllabi and supporting courseware for the A-10 and EC-130H Compass Call weapon systems assigned to D-M. The unit establishes and validates training requirements, assists in the acquisition of training equipment, and oversees the development of academic course material in response to the weapon systems needs. Det. 3 provides contracted aircrew training and courseware development contract expertise and performs quality assurance functions on contracts valued at more than $20 million.