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355th Fighter Group
The 355th Fighter Group consists of five squadrons and more than 300 personnel employing 83 A-10C aircraft and an AN/TPS-75 radar system. It provides war-fighters with forces for close-air support, forward air control, and combat search and rescue. It also conducts all formal course-directed aircraft initial qualification/requalification training.
Conducts initial qualification training to produce combat-ready forces qualified as A-10C pilots for theater commanders worldwide as directed by Combat Air Command.

354th Fighter Squadron
Maintains 24 A-10C aircraft to conduct close-air support, forward air control — airborne, and combat search and rescue for theater commanders worldwide.

357th Fighter Squadron
Trains pilots in the A-10 and Thunderbolt II. The 357th Dragons conduct all formal course directed aircraft transition, day and night weapons and tactics employment, day and night air refueling and dissimilar air combat maneuvers. The squadron trains pilots to plan, coordinate, execute, and control day and night close-air support and battlefield surveillance and reconnaissance. Prepares pilots for combat mission ready upgrade.

355th Operations Support Squadron
Supports 355th Wing combat missions tasked by the president, the secretary of defense, and the chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. Directs operational support functions including airfield, air traffic control, and weather services, weapons and tactics, plans and exercises, and intelligence for an operations group with three A-10C squadrons. Develops flying schedules for more than 10,900 sorties per year.

355th Training Squadron
Conducts and maintains academic, flying, specialized, and electronic interactive training for A-10C aircraft, meeting Air Force training requirements for more than 100 students annually. Manages and assists development and approval of all aspects of Air Combat Command A-10C syllabi and operates more than $5 million of advanced fighter aircraft simulators. Provides quality assurance for aircrew training contracts valued at more than $5.7 million.

563rd Rescue Group
Directs flying operations for the U.S. Air Force’s only active-duty rescue wing dedicated to combat search and rescue. The group is responsible for training, readiness and maintenance of one HC-130 squadron and two HH-60 squadrons, two pararescue squadrons, two maintenance squadrons and an operations support squadron operating from two geographically separated operating locations.

79th Rescue Squadron
Operates the HC-130P/E Hercules and provides rapidly deployable combat search and rescue forces to theater commanders worldwide. It conducts helicopter air refueling, airdrop and air land of pararescue personnel and/or equipment in support of combat personnel recovery. Its crews are capable of landings on short, unimproved, runways and low-level operations during the day or night with night vision goggles.

55th Rescue Squadron
Operates the HH-60G Pavehawk and provides rapidly deployable combat search and rescue forces to theater commanders worldwide. They tactically employ the HH-60G helicopter and its crew in hostile environments to recover downed aircrew and isolated personnel during the day, night or marginal weather conditions. The squadron also conducts military operations other than war including civil search and rescue, disaster relief, international aid, emergency medical evacuation and counter-drug activities.

48th Rescue Squadron
Trains, equips and employs combat-ready pararescuemen, combat rescue officers and supporting personnel worldwide in support of U.S. national security interests. Provides survivor contact, treatment and extraction during combat rescue operations, uses various fixed and rotary wing insertion and extraction assets. Employs any means available to provide combat and humanitarian search, rescue and medical assistance in all environments.

923rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Maintains, services and inspects eight HH-60G “Pave Hawk” and seven HC-130J “Combat King II” aircraft. Plans, schedules, and directs both scheduled and unscheduled preventive maintenance to maintain mission ready status. Performs all launch and recovery operations. Rapidly generates, mobilizes, deploys, and employs forces to provide combat and peacetime search and rescue operations in support of U.S. national security interests.

563rd Operations Support Squadron
Supports all aspects of the training and employment of the 563rd Rescue Group’s seven combat-ready HC-130, HH-60, pararescue and maintenance squadrons totaling 1,125 military and civilian personnel. Provides operational support functions including weapons and tactics, current operations, intelligence, training, life support, mobility and flying hour program management. As a worldwide deployable unit, it is responsible for implementing contingency and theater war plans.

355th Maintenance Group
The 355th Maintenance Group directs component repair, equipment maintenance, sortie production and overall daily maintenance operations for 355th Wing and associate units. The 355th MXG supports eight flying squadrons comprised of 75 A/OA-10, 15 EC-130H, 8 HC-130P, and 14 HH-60E combat-ready aircraft with more than 1,950 assigned personnel. It ensures quality of on- and off-equipment aircraft maintenance and executes an annual operating budget of $72.2 million.

355th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
The 355th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron generates all combat and training sorties in the 355th Wing and manages the efforts of 571 personnel in 13 specialties maintaining A/OA-10 attack aircraft. The squadron provides safe, properly configured aircraft in order to meet the flying hour program for three squadrons. It also develops and executes a scheduled maintenance plan to maintain long-term fleet health, and provides forces to support worldwide contingency tasking.

355th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
The 355th Equipment Maintenance Squadron performs on- and off-equipment maintenance and inspection on A/OA-10A, EC-130H, HC-130P, and HH-60G aircraft. The 355th EMS maintains aerospace ground equipment, life support equipment, GAU-8 30-millimeter gun systems and aircraft weapons release systems. It provides nondestructive inspection, fabrication of aircraft components and corrosion control support, and stores, maintains, inspects and transports munitions stockpile.

355th Component Maintenance Squadron
The 355th Component Maintenance Squadron directs intermediate-level maintenance to include repair and test of propulsion units. Members of the 355th CMS troubleshoot and repair avionics, navigation, computer, electronic warfare, and photographic equipment. The squadron also calibrates test, measurement and diagnostic equipment, and completes maintenance on aircraft accessory systems supporting seven flying squadrons comprised of A/OA-10, EC-130H, HC-130P, and HH-60G combat and training aircraft.