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12th Air Force

Ensures the readiness of six active-duty wings and one direct reporting unit for contingency operations, and oversees 21 gained units from the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard, totaling more than 630 aircraft with more than 42,000 Airmen. As the air and space component to U.S. Southern Command, Air Forces Southern conducts security cooperation and provides air, space, and cyberspace capabilities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

612th Theater Operations Group/474th Air Expeditionary Group
Provides oversight and administrative support for Air Forces Southern’s forward operating locations in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

612th Air and Space Operations Center
Plan, command, control, execute, and assess air, space, and information operations to meet Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and commander, United States Southern Command taskings across the full spectrum of military operations.

612th Air Communications Squadron
Provides premier Air & Space Operations Center weapon systems communications support and versatile deployable communications capability to the U.S. Southern Command.

25th Operational Weather Squadron
Provides weather support to military operations in the western United States as well as in U.S. Southern Command’s area of responsibility. Produces aviation hazard forecasts for flight levels above 18,000 feet and surface weather analysis across the entire U.S. Northern Command area of responsibility.

Guard and Reserve

162nd Wing, Arizona Air National Guard
“Operation Snowbird” is a National Guard Bureau program located at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and supported through the 162nd Wing. It was established in 1975 as a winter deployment site for northern tier ANG flying units enabling 16 squadrons to deploy for two weeks of training between October and May each year. Each deployment package consists of 10 to 12 aircraft, 20 to 24 pilots and 110 to 116 support personnel. Located on four acres of property adjacent to the north ramp, the compound consists of four buildings: Snowbird operations, maintenance control complex and two support facilities.

943rd Rescue Group
Rescue and recover downed aircrews behind enemy lines, including providing emergency medical treatment. They are trained in scuba, parachuting, snowmobiling and other disciplines necessary to reach stranded and isolated aircrews. These Reserve members also assist during natural disasters and when emergency rescue assistance is needed in any type of terrain.

943rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Provide organic maintenance of six HH-60G aircraft to primarily support all 305th Rescue Squadron flying operations and contingencies. Supports 943rd Rescue Group’s deployment and exercise activities and ensures assigned aircraft, equipment and personnel are ready to deploy to conduct combat rescue operations globally.

305th Rescue Squadron
Trained and equipped to conduct combat search and rescue missions worldwide utilizing the HH-60G Pavehawk helicopter. Our primary mission is to penetrate enemy territory, recover downed aircrew and return them to friendly forces. Additionally, fly life-and-death search and rescue missions to help locate and recover injured people within the land and coastal boundaries of the United States.

924th Fighter Group
Consists of three units: the 924th Maintenance Squadron, the 47th Fighter Squadron, and the 924th Operational Support Flight, which collectively employ 550 members in more than 20 Air Force specialty codes. The 924th FG is the only unit-equipped formal training unit in Air Force Reserve Command with 28 A-10C Thunderbolt II aircraft. Train and produce qualified A-10 pilots for theater commanders worldwide.

924th Maintenance Squadron
Maintain aircraft to facilitate the training, education, and mentoring of the world’s finest attack pilots for the Combat Air Forces. Develops leaders, wingmen and warriors at all ranks while continuing to support Total Force Integration. Provides maintenance support to the A-10 formal training units and maintenance squadrons to produce A-10C student training sorties.

47th Fighter Squadron
Train, educate and mentor the world’s finest attack pilots for the Combat Air Forces while honing the core competencies of A/OA-10 instruction, operations management and aircrew life support. Develop leaders, wingmen and warriors in all ranks. The 47th both actively and classically associates with the 355th FW.

214th Reconnaissance Group
Provide superior, persistent armed intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and incident awareness, and assessment capabilities to support, and defend national, regional and state interests.
Vision: Charting the course today for tomorrow’s intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and incident awareness and assessment.
Composed of two squadrons: the 214th Reconnaissance
Squadron and the 214th Operations Support Squadron.