AFWERX aids ‘Base of the Future,’ Space Challenge projects

AFWERX was recently approved to take on two challenges by the U.S. Air Force – Base of the Future and Space Challenge.

AFWERX serves the needs of the Air Force by addressing tough challenges and providing solutions to the warfighter quickly. AFWERX is a catalyst for agile Air Force engagement across industry, academia and non-traditional contributors to create transformative opportunities and innovation. They accomplish that mission by connecting diverse, innovative members from industry, academia and government to create capabilities and prototype opportunities for the Air Force.

Base of the Future

In 2018, Tyndall Air Force Base was delivered a direct hit by Category 5 Hurricane Michael, which wiped out nearly 800 structures — roughly half of the buildings on base — causing billions of dollars in damage. AFWERX has been tasked with facilitating and resourcing ideas for the rebuild. Tyndall has been appropriated a military construction budget of $3 billion to rebuild as a Base of the Future. In addition, there are also billions of dollars being spent on this topic across the Defense Department to improve all military bases.

This effort is broken down into five focus areas:

• Base security and defense: Help us protect the people and critical resources on our Air Force bases by enhancing our security and strengthening perimeter defenses.

• Installation resilience: Help us create robust and resilient Air Force bases that can withstand natural disasters and supply shortages with minimal loss of power, structure and operations.

• Leveraging technology for operational effectiveness: Help us leverage artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing and machine learning to build an Air Force base that becomes a leader in innovation.

• Culture of innovation: Help us strengthen and perpetuate a culture of innovation within U.S. Air Force by improving workforce agility and breaking down barriers to change.

• Empowering Airmen and family wellbeing: Help us ensure the continued wellbeing of our Airmen and their families with actionable ideas that further create a network of care.

Space Challenge

AFWERX has partnered with the U.S. Space Force, Space and Missile Systems Center, Pacific Air Forces, and Air Education and Training Command. This initiative aims to acquire technology from four separate topic areas.

• Persistent ISR technology: Help us bring together existing and future technology solutions to create a comprehensive Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance system that spans the globe.

• DOD commercial space partnerships: Help us identify cutting-edge commercial satellite technology and uncover new payload ideas, designs and prototypes to expand the DOD’s capabilities.

• Global space transport and delivery: Help us develop a space resupply and delivery system that can quickly and accurately deploy packages, supplies and equipment to any location on earth.

• Space asset resiliency: Help us increase the longevity of our space assets by increasing their durability against the unique space environment and enemy threats.

Courtesy of AFWERX

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