Davis-Monthan kicks off Bushwhacker 22-03

The 355th Wing at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., will conduct the sixth iteration of its Dynamic Wing Exercise at the base, May 9-13, 2022.

The primary focus of this iteration will be command and control, preparing Airmen to integrate into existing joint C2 structures in any austere or contested environment. This will be the first Dynamic Wing Exercise since the 355th Wing was designated a Lead Wing by Air Combat Command in January.

The C2 force element of the Lead Wing is the A-Staff, a permanent organization that is prepared to respond to contingencies before they occur.

“This will be the first time exercising with an A-Staff,” said Lt. Col. Bryan Ballestero, 355th Wing Inspector General Office inspector general. “IG will be guiding the A-Staff through exercise development to test and challenge C2 and force employment paving the way forward for the next Dynamic Wing Exercise.”

The A-Staff and participants are using this opportunity to apply their abilities to rapidly establish logistics and communications for the wing’s rescue and attack missions across all domains, while remaining agile.

This will be a groundbreaking exercise to test Lead Wing operations since the 355th Wing A-Staff, two rescue generation and two fighter generation squadrons were established.

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