History Highlight

1970s — In honor of the countdown to the U.S. Air Force’s 75th Anniversary in September, we’re showcasing pieces of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base history and highlighting how far it’s come over the years through innovation, accelerating change and thriving through the decades.

During the 1970s, the 355th Tactical Wing was reactivated and DM celebrated its 50th anniversary.
The aircraft flown during this time were the A-7D Corsair II, also known as the “Short Little Ugly Fellow,” flown from 1971 to Oct. 2, 1979, and the A-10A Warthog, welcomed in 1976 as DM’s first A-10. In the same year, the 355th TFW was designated as the host unit for the installation.

An A-7D Corsair II sits on display at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base where it was flown from 1971 to late 1979. (Courtesy photos)
A Volkswagen Beetle is parked beside an A-10 GAU-8 Gatling gun as a size comparison.
An A-10A Warthog flies above Davis-Monthan Air Force Base after arriving in the 1970s. It has remained a staple of DM’s flightline as it continues to meet the war fighting demands of today and tomorrow with its dedicated pilots and maintainers

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