In the ‘spirit’ of Halloween

Courtesy photo/Mathieu Beaulieu

‘Twas All Hallows Eve

and throughout March Field

the spirits were restless,

not wanting to yield.

This was their night,

the one time each year

that they could come out

to wreak havoc and fear.

Creeping through rooms

at the Hap Arnold Club,

you can feel their energy.

The place is their hub.

The finance building

has a ghost that’s quite rare,

a little girl in a white dress

coming up from downstairs.

The March Inn has had rumors

of various guests

encountering ‘something’

that won’t let them rest.

The 4th Air Force basement

is empty and old.

But, spirits appear there,

or so it is told.

Hap Arnold House tales

have been told by some there,

of noises and shadows

that have caused quite a scare.

March Field is historical.

Most buildings are old.

Have you heard that it’s haunted?

Or so it’s been told.

(Editor’s note: It’s been a tradition to include a “ghost” story in each October edition of The Beacon for the past two years. It cannot be done without your help. So, let us hear your stories.  Email us at 452amw.paworkflow@ or call 951-655-4137 to share your experiences. Or you can contact us on Facebook at