Local Daedalian flight presents 2016 scholoarships

Courtesy photo/Stephany Brower

The local chapter of a national fraternity of military pilots awarded scholarships to six, Southern California Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) cadets at a luncheon on March Air Reserve Base, January 13, 2016. The scholarships were presented by Brig. Gen. Russell Muncy commander, 452nd Air Mobility Wing, on behalf of 30th Flight of the National Order of Daedalians.

Among the leading scholarship winners is Michael Kampbell, a junior at California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB), who is pursuing a business administration major and carries a 3.62 GPA. Kampbell, who is currently serving as a recruiting squadron commander for CSUSB AFROTC Detachment 002, and coaches youth sports in his spare time, was awarded a $2,500 Scholarship, and he will be submitted to Daedalians National office for a matching $2,000 scholarship.

Cadet Joshua Arnold, a sophomore at CSUSB majoring in business administration, carries a 4.0 GPA, and was awarded a $2,500 Scholarship. Arnold is an honor guard commander for Det. 002 and he will be recommended for a matching Daedalian National Military Standing and Aptitude scholarship of $500.

Daniel Benson, a junior at Cal Baptist University pursuing a criminal justice major, carries a 3.77 GPA, and was awarded a $2,000 Scholarship. Benson is a Det. 002 cadet flight commander.

Daniel Kerry Cole, a senior at the University California Riverside, is a computer engineering major with a 2.78 GPA. He is a Det 002 training squadron commander and was awarded a $2,000 scholarship.

William Lewis, a senior at CSUSB majoring in criminal justice, holds a 3.66 GPA, is a Det. 002 previous flight commander, and was awarded a $2,000 scholarship.

Aden Vaugh, a junior at Chapman University majoring in political science, maintains a 2.91 GPA, is director of training and cadet squadron commander at the University of Southern California’s AFROTC Det. 060. He is also a member of the Robinson Risner Arnold Air Society, and was awarded a $2,000 Flight 30 scholarship.

There are 72 Daedalian Flights nationwide with about 13,000 members. Thirtieth Flight, also known as the Hap Arnold Flight, consists of approximately 170 members, meets monthly at March Field, and was named “Outstanding Flight” by the National Order in 2009, 2011 and 2013.

The Order, founded by World War I pilots, was named for Daedalus, the Greek mythological figure who fashioned wings of wax, string and feathers to escape from the island of Crete where he was being held prisoner.

The Hap Arnold Flight is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and pursues scholarship fundraising activities during the year, among which is its Century Club. People donating $100 or more become members of the Century Club. Those donating $500 or more are designated “Aces.” All donations are tax deductible. In 2015 seventy-nine members, widows and friends donated more than $16,900 to the Scholarship Fund.

Scholarship applications are solicited from Southern California universities with ROTC programs. A scholarship committee screens applications and the most promising applicants are invited for an interview. Applicants are graded on criteria including scholastic achievement, intent to pursue a career as a military pilot, moral character, patriotism, and other military factors.

The Hap Arnold Flight also funds a program that provides flight training, including ground school and flight instruction for ROTC cadets enrolled in Southern California universities.

Donations from the community to 30th Flight’s Scholarship Fund are welcome. Checks may be made payable to: Order of Daedalians, 30th Flight, and mailed to 17050 Arnold Dr. Box H-101, Riverside, CA 92518. Enter “Scholarship Fund” in the Memo line.

For more information contact Flight Captain Al Leach at 909-794-9174.