March Airmen, civilian employees can help recruiting, earn rewards

U.S. Air Force illustration by Master Sgt. Shawn J. Jones

Air Force Reservists and Air Force Reserve civilian employees have an opportunity to earn rewards and help shape the future of the Reserve here at March ARB by participating in the Get 1 Now – Share Your Adventure program.

The Get 1 Now program, which initially began in 2006, was recently revamped in an effort to get the word out and to better reward those Airmen and civilians who participate. One of the biggest changes made to the program was the point at which credit for the referral is awarded. Participant’s whose referral is considered eligible for service will be eligible for a reward.

“You used to have to wait for the referral to actually join the Reserve before you could get the reward,” said Technical Sgt. Anton Banks, 452 AMW/WRS Reserve Recruiter. “But now the referral just has to be deemed qualified to join in order to be eligible for the award.”

To be qualified to join a referral must meet basic AFRC qualification requirements for service.

“Members must meet the height and weight standards, must not have any type of morals violations such as having a felony or any criminal activity and make sure tattoos are within the instruction, Banks said. “Those are the more common disqualifiers that we see.”

In addition to the rewards, participants actually have a chance to hand pick their coworkers on March, something Banks believes is beneficial not only to the individual but also to operations here at March.

“It is important for March ARB Reservists and civilians to actively recruit quality people to join the ranks because it gives them a chance to pick and choose who they really want to work beside them,” Banks said. “The Reservist and civilians here at March ARB know what type of individual it takes to accomplish the mission.”

Participation in the program is easy, simply sign up online at, or through the Get 1 Now app which is available on Apple App Store and Google Play. Once you have a candidate you wish to submit, log into the system, enter the required data and wait to be contacted.

“Once the lead is put into the Share Your Adventure system by the reservist or civilian, that info will automatically be sent over to an Air Force Reserve E-Advisor and they will be contacted via phone or email to get the process started,” said Banks. “So the referral literally has to do nothing but wait to be contacted.”

There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be submitted, but they must be submitted through the Get 1 Now–Share Your Adventure website or App to qualify for an award. Those who participate can earn up to four awards per AFRC fiscal year, which runs from Oct. 1 through Sept 30.

“All awards must be redeemed no later than 60 days following the end of the fiscal year and you are only eligible for the award if you submit the referral through the Get 1 Now website or app,” said Banks.

For more information about the program visit