March 4, 2016

Civilian Expeditionary Workforce

U.S. Central Command press release

Use your experience and expertise to support Department of Defense contingency operations by volunteering to deploy.

The civilian deployment experience allows civilians to use their capabilities, experience, and knowledge as a crucial component of helping the DoD accomplish its mission abroad.

United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) is seeking current, permanent DoD employees with strong technical skills, competencies, and abilities with the desire to deploy as part of the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce (CEW). We provide employees the unique opportunity to serve in a dynamic environment alongside our military, allies, and coalition partners to provide a stabilizing presence, build security and conduct humanitarian assistance operations across the USCENTCOM area of responsibility (AOR).

Enhance your career, improve your organization, build the DoD workforce. Working in a deployed environment, while both mentally challenging and stimulating, may also be arduous at times. Flexibility is the key asset of all deploying individuals to succeed in this very fluid environment. The USCENTCOM CEW program offers an unparalleled career enrichment opportunity that allows you to build on your professional and interpersonal skills and set yourself apart from your peers.

Civilian deployments also provide long-term advantages to your organization by increasing the strategic and operational experience within their work force. Developing a pipeline of talent with operational experience in working side by side with the military cultivates leaders to meet the future needs of the DoD. The opportunity to augment our military in this unique capacity brings a sense of camaraderie and satisfaction of achievement that few civilians will ever experience. We are rebuilding nations and providing regional stability.

Incentives. Beyond the individual personal and professional growth opportunities associated with deployment, you may be eligible for multiple financial incentives. As a deployed civilian employee, you may be eligible for up to 35 percent post differential pay, hazardous duty pay, as well as overtime compensation. Entitlements vary by location and length of tour. It is recommended applicants research the specific entitlements when considering a deployment opportunity.

The next step. Are you considering a civilian deployment experience? Congratulations! Deployable civilians are needed to fill critical vacancies across a multitude of occupational series, grades, locations and tours lengths. Duty locations vary in size and environment and each position provides for a slightly unique experience for which you will be thoroughly trained and equipped to succeed. For additional resources on the USCENTCOM deployment opportunities and entitlements, the USCENTCOM AOR, and the application processes visit https://cew.centcom.mil/Landing/Default.aspx or send inquiries to: centcom.macdill.centcom-hq.mbx.ccj3-f-cew@mail.mil or francis.m.hoeflinger.civ@mail.mil.

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