March 4, 2016

Fort Irwin progressive motorcycle training

Submitted by Kim Garcia
USAG Fort Irwin Safety Office
A Soldier takes an advanced motorcycle training course. (Army file photo)

The Army Progressive Motorcycle program is designed to keep motorcycle operator training current and sustain or enrich rider skills.

Fort Irwin offers courses for servicemembers and the program consists of the following: Basic Riders Course, Experienced Riders Course/Basic Riders Course 2, Military Sport Bike Riders Course, Advanced Rider Course, Motorcycle Refresher Training and Motorcycle Sustainment Training.

Basic Riders Course. The BRC is initial training for all motorcycle riders and provides basic motorcycle skills and prepares them for licensing procedures. Once a Soldier has successfully completed the BRC, he/she can then obtain a state motorcycle endorsed license.

Experienced Riders Course/Basic Riders Course II. Within one year of completing the BRC, it is required that the Soldier successfully complete the ERC/BRC2 on his/her own motorcycle. It is recommended that new riders be given a minimum of 60 days after the BRC or possession of a motorcycle to gain experience before taking the ERC/BRC2, however, Soldiers must complete the ERC/BRC2 within one year of completing the BRC.

Military Sport Bike Riders Course. Motorcycle manufactures categorize specific models as “Sport” “Dual-Sport” and “Sport-Touring” motorcycles. In order to obtain the skill set necessary to operate a high performance sport bike, all military “Sport” “Dual-Sport” and “Sport-Touring” motorcycle operators will complete the MSRC. It is recommended that new riders be given a minimum of 60 days after the BRC or possession of a motorcycle to gain experience before taking the MSRC, however, Soldiers must complete the MSRC within one year of completing the BRC.

Advanced Rider Course. The ARC is equal to the MSRC curriculum and allows for the training of all motorcycle types. This curriculum will be offered in the future and will replace at a minimum the ERC/BRC2.

Motorcycle Refresher Training. All redeployed/dormant (180 days or greater) military motorcycle operators will attend the MRT or the next uncompleted phase of training (as determined by the commander and unit motorcycle mentor (UMM) prior to operating a motorcycle. This training is conducted by the UMM. The UMM can coordinate with the Garrison Safety Office for assistance and training materials if needed. A Soldier is authorized to ride his/her motorcycle to training.

United States Army Installation Management Command Traffic Safety Training Program

In an effort to alleviate registration issues in the Army IMCOM Registration system and prevent class cancelations due to lack of enrollment, Soldiers who wish to take the Army Traffic Safety Training Program Training that requires AIRS registration (i.e. BRC, BRC2, MSRC, IDT and RDT) will:

1. Contact their supervisor and UMM to request training.

2. Research the AIRS website for the appropriate class and select a training date at https://imc.army.mil/airs/usg_disclaimer.aspx

3. Contact the chain of command (i.e. commander, first sergeant) and obtain authorization to attend training. The commander or first sergeant must either provide a signed memorandum for record (MFR) stating the Soldier is authorized to attend training on the date selected or send an email to mark.g.reeves.civ@mail.mil stating the same (the memorandum may be delivered by the Soldier).

4. Soldier will sign up for the training in AIRS.

5. Once the Soldier has signed up for training, and either an email or MFR is received by the Garrison Safety Office, the Soldier’s status in AIRS will be changed from “pending” to either “registered” or “standby.” Note: steps 1 – 5 must be completed a minimum of 10 days prior to the class start date or the Soldier will not be registered to attend.

6. One or two days after the MFR is delivered to the Garrison Safety Office or an email is sent, have the Soldier and/or supervisor check the registration status in AIRS (see AIRS 4 enclosure for instructions) to verify that the status changed from “pending” to either “registered” or “standby.” If there is an issue, call 380-7708 for clarification.

7. Soldiers who are in a “Standby” status should show up for training even though they may not have a guaranteed seat.

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