Aerospace Valley Heritage Special Edition – October 22, 2021

Aerospace Valley Heritage: Sharing Aviation History with New Generations – October 22, 2021

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Aerospace Valley Heritage Digital Edition

Aerospace Valley: A treasure trove of aviation and flight test history, waiting to be discovered.

Aerotech News will publish a very special edition on October 22, 2021 that will highlight Aerospace Valley’s rich history in aviation and flight testing. Readers will have the opportunity to read about and visit many of the points of interest featured. It’s also a great way to teach and inspire a new generation to become a part of the future of aerospace.

Featured in this special edition of Aerotech News:

Air Force Flight Test Museum: Preserving Edwards Air Force Base’s legacy of history-making flight test, dating back almost 100 years.

Blackbird Air Park: An annex of the Flight Test Museum, one of the few places you can see an SR-71 Blackbird and an A-12 side-by-side.

Joe Davies Heritage Air Park: Maintained by the City of Palmdale, the Airpark includes more than 21 aircraft, with a focus on Air Force Plant 42

Aerospace Walk of Honor: The Aerospace Walk of Honor on Lancaster Boulevard between Sierra Highway and 10th Street West pays homage to the pilots and engineers in the area who have made significant contributions to flight test, research, and development.

Antelope Valley Rural Museum • Mojave Transportation Museum • War Eagle Field • “Hidden Treasures” • And much more


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