162nd recruiters find innovative ways to work out

Master Sgt. Stephen O’Hearn, Recruiting Flight Chief for the 162nd Wing, knows firsthand how fitness can sometimes take a backseat when life gets busy.

“We as recruiters always have something going on, so it’s easy to push off fitness. I have had my breaks throughout the years – now’s not the time to take a break again. With everything going on with COVID and all the struggles everyone is going through, it’s very important to workout in some way.”

With the closure of the base gym, O’Hearn has moved his weekday workouts to a friend’s garage. He and his coworkers also make fitness a priority in the office.

“As a recruiting office, we will do push-ups every 30 mins during the work day. The next day it will be some sort of ab workout, following day we will do air squats. Then change the rotation around during the week”

It’s not too difficult to keep these recruiters motivated, though.

“In the office we have a former D2 college basketball player, former D1 college football player, crossfit certified coaches, and a recruiter that competes in figure competitions. So the mentality of working out is in the recruiting office.”


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