Team Edwards celebrates Air Force’s 68th birthday

Air Force photograph by Jet Fabara

Sept. 18 marked the Air Force’s 68th birthday and Team Edwards did its best to commemorate the Air Force’s achievements over the years with a celebration at Club Muroc.

“As we celebrate the Air Force’s 68 years, I reflect on our amazing history and our promising future.  Every day, our Airmen have an opportunity to add a bright new chapter to its story by serving our Nation in the world’s finest Air Force,” said Brig. Gen. Carl Schaefer, 412th Test Wing commander. “Every day I am grateful to serve with the people of Team Edwards and I appreciate everyone and their families for all that they do.”

The event hosted approximately 100 Airmen who were able to witness a POW/MIA ceremony by a member from the Blue Eagles Honor Guard, followed by an Edwards and Air Force history video.

After the video, the highest-ranking Airman, Maj. Gen. David Harris, Air Force Test Center commander, and youngest-ranking Airman, Airman 1st Class Darrell Peters, 412th Communications Squadron cybersecurity specialist, cut the official celebratory cake.

Prior to the commencement of the ceremony, Col. (Ret.) Louis Setter, guest speaker, commented on the history of the Air Force and focused on the legacy and sacrifices of those who he worked alongside as a U-2 pilot in the U.S. Air Force.

“I am truly amazed at the education and proficiency of the modern Air Force,” said Setter. “I just bought a new car that’s full of electronics and I can only imagine as to what the new aircrews are having to learn.”

The birth of the Air Force on Sept. 18, 1947, revolutionized how the U.S. military engages in war. Today’s Air Force is comprised of more than 680,000 Airmen, made up of active duty, reservists, guardsmen and civilians, who support more than 5,600 aircraft, 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles and 63 satellites. Today’s Air Force is the world’s preeminent air, space and cyberspace force with an ability to rapidly adapt to uncertainty, ensuring future success.