Mentorship is vital to professional growth



After Deborah Lee James

A letter to Airmen from Deborah Lee James,

Secretary of the Air Force

Airmen are the Air Force’s most important asset.  Over my 30 years in defense and industry, I’ve learned the importance of mentorship.  Leaders at all levels should be actively involved in their Airmen’s development, and all Airmen should actively seek direction and mentorship throughout their careers.  We have developed an innovative Total Force platform to support your continued professional growth—MyVector.

MyVector is available to all Airmen as a place for mentors and mentees to come together and develop positive, professional relationships; give helpful, honest guidance; and find sound advice.  The new application allows you to request a specific mentor via “Direct Connect.”  If you don’t have a specific mentor in mind, MyVector has a mentor-matching capability based on characteristics you choose via “Find a Mentor.”  The system has a real-time Mentoring Plan.  Every officer, enlisted, and civilian Airman has a career field pyramid available to start discussions.  Users can document achievements and share information with their mentor.  You can find answers to mentoring questions on the resource page.  Individuals interested in sharing knowledge can access public and private forums to discuss with their peers, leaders, and subordinates.  Forums generate a wide variety of input and feedback on trending topics, important policies, and Air Force life.  I built my mentor profile and look forward to personally mentoring four Airmen—please come join me at

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the MyVector POCs in AF/A1D, Maj Holly Chadwick, or Capt T.C. McNitt,, Comm: (703) 695-3594 or DSN: 225-3594.