Welsh releases 2016 reading list


The Air Force chief of staff published his 2016 professional reading list May 13.

“This year’s reading list addresses every Airman on our total force team,” said Gen. Mark A. Welsh III. “The profession of arms, Air Force heritage, and developing Airmen are topics that apply to all of us.”

This year’s list contains books, TED Talks, a film, work from Air Force photojournalists, journals, and, for the first time, military-themed blogs.
One of this year’s books recommended by Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James A. Cody, “At All Costs,” was written by Air Force reservist CMSgt. Matt Proietti.

“I’m delighted the book was included in the reading list because it means more people will hear about Chief (Master Sgt. Richard) Etchberger’s life,” Proietti said. “He was a remarkable GI, one worthy of emulation well before he performed heroic actions at the end of his life.”

A TED Talk on this year’s list, given by cultural innovator Vern? Myers, is a compelling presentation about unconscious bias.

“With thoughtful leadership, General Welsh has put together a powerful list of diverse content that will challenge each Airman to expand her or his worldview,” Myers said. “With this valuable information, Airmen will be equipped to break down stereotypes, to understand the life experience of people different from themselves, and to foster a more inclusive, fair and high-performing Air Force. I’m honored to be part of this important list.”

Print selections of the books will be arriving in base libraries in the coming weeks, but airmen can find many of the works available electronically through Air Force Libraries’ OverDrive system.

The complete 2016 reading list can be found by visiting http://static.dma.mil/usaf/csafreadinglist/index.html.