NCOs now Battle Staff ready

Fourteen United States Army Soldiers graduated from a Battle Staff Non-commissioned Officer Course after a demanding 25 days of instruction here, March 31.

During the graduation Sgt. Maj. Joe Chadwick III, operations sergeant major with Operations Group, spoke on the opportunities the course gives to the newly graduated.

“You have had the privilege of learning information that’s not available to many until they attend the Sergeants Major Academy,” Chadwick said. “This provides you unprecedented opportunities to serve in positions where your experience can be a benefit to the mission command process.”

Sergeant First Class, Alan Caldwell, battle staff graduate, shared his thoughts on what this means to him.

“We need to be able to communicate with our officers and bring to the table the knowledge and experiences we have,” Caldwell said. “This gives us more of a voice and we have a huge opportunity to shape the Army, future leaders and be able to pass our knowledge on instead of keeping it.”

The course prepares selected NCOs for future battle staff positions throughout the Army and gives them tools necessary to become familiar with duties and responsibilities assigned to staff members in battalion and brigade-level units – according to the USASMA Web site.

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