ACS serving Soldiers, Families for 50 years


Fort Irwin celebrated the 50th year of Army Community Service with a ceremony attended by program staff, leadership and community members here, July 22.

Kevin Ware, director of ACS, spoke at the event and explained that on July 25, 1965, Gen. Harold Johnson – then the Army Chief of Staff – dispatched a letter to all commanders announcing the approval of the establishment of Army Community Service.

The ACS program provides support to Soldiers and families with prevention, education and training, said Ware.

“That’s how we make resilient families in our Army today,” Ware said. “Army Community Service is here to help each and every family member regardless of what the issue is.”

Ware praised his staff and introduced them as they took a place in front of a table with a cake.

“I’m blessed to have an outstanding staff of professionals working with me here at NTC and Fort Irwin,” Ware stated.

Fort Irwin United States Army Garrison Commander Col. Scott Taylor described ACS as a unique and indispensable organization.

“We don’t have [many] organizations that have been around for 50 years doing nearly as much as ACS has done for our Army,” Taylor said. “It has contributed immeasurably to our Soldiers and families.”

The colonel listed some of the programs under ACS including: Army Emergency Relief, Army Family Team Building, Army Family Action Plan, Family Advocacy program, the Volunteer program and Survivor Outreach Services.

Taylor stated he has been a customer of ACS for 45 years and that Soldier readiness is linked to how well families are supported. Soldiers will be “confident on the battlefield, when they have to do their mission, knowing their families are cared for.”

“ACS, now and forever, will honor those serving those who serve for us,” Taylor said. “With a strong community support, volunteer support and the ACS workforce, we can continue to make the difference we need here on Fort Irwin – a difference for the Soldiers and families that will guarantee that this generation, as well as the next, knows that both – on and off the battlefield – our Soldiers and our families are being cared for as part of this great community.”