USAG Fort Irwin begins acculturation program

Leadership of United States Army Garrison at Fort Irwin implemented a program that encompasses new employee orientation and workforce development for the garrison organization.

The first Acculturation Program meeting took place Nov. 12 with directors, managers and supervisors in attendance to review the program and provide feedback at day’s end.

The USAG Fort Irwin commander, Col. Scott Taylor, explained the program is an extension of an initiative by Craig Fabrizio, deputy to the garrison commander, and Command Sgt. Carlos Esmurria, the garrison senior enlisted advisor.

Taylor explained other garrisons have already executed acculturation programs and said the United States Army Installation Management Command commander, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Dahl, has stated he supports civilian employee development.

“We’ve got to invest in our people, we’ve got to develop our people,” Taylor stated as Dahl’s declaration.

According to the Army’s Acculturation Web site, acculturation is the professionalization process through which new employees learn, adjust to and internalize the Army culture. A feature of the program called Onboarding is the strategic process designed to integrate and acclimate new employees into the organization and prepare them to contribute to a desired level as quickly as possible.

The Army’s Training and Doctrine Command G-1/4 created the program, which was first seen in pilot versions at various installation in 2014.

Taylor wants every USAG Fort Irwin employee to go through the program. The plan is to hold the meeting on a bi-monthly basis.

“We’re going to try this and then over time I want to expand this to every member of the command, every employee so they can see their part … I want them to understand what a great mission they are part of here at this installation,” Taylor stated.

The acculturation program provides: IMCOM history; IMCOM and NTC leadership priorities; a mission essential task list; mission, vision and values; an organizational structure chart, and; employee professional development outline.

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