Fort Irwin Family Wins Tickets to Disneyland

U.S. Army Spouse, Megin Stearns and children, graciously accepted four tickets to Disneyland, awarded by Purina and Nestle in support of Military Child Appreciation Month, at the Fort Irwin Commissary, June 30.

Stearns entered to win the tickets at a promotional kiosk near the pet food isle. “I never win anything, but thought I might as well try,” said Stearns “we were hoping to take the kids for their birthday this year, this is going to be a big help.” The Stearns family will be leaving Fort Irwin this year, now with memories from “The Happiest Place on Earth.”  – Photo From left: Commissary Store Director Eugene Davis Jr.; Megin Stearns and children; Nestle Representative, Tina Gargonne.

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