Army explores using cyber teams to aid maneuver commanders

(Photo Credit: David Vergun)

FORT IRWIN, Calif. (Army News Service) — A pilot program known as Cyber Support to Corps and Below, or CSCB, is now providing some maneuver commanders with an improved situational awareness of the information environment and tools to shape that environment.

According to Lt. Col. Jon Burnett Burnett, chief of Army Cyber Command’s CSCB, cyber training has evolved during the CSCB experiments to such a degree that it’s now possible for a maneuver commander to gain a great advantage in the warfighting domain of cyberspace.

Expeditionary cyber teams, embedded in the brigade, can help commanders maneuver in the information environment by leveraging defensive cyber operations, offensive cyber operations, electronic warfare, and information operations.

During a recent rotation at Fort Irwin’s National Training Center in late July and August, the 1st Infantry Division’s 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team became the fifth brigade to integrate cyber effects under the pilot program.


Maj. Deonand Singh, operations officer for the 781st Military Intelligence Battalion, said that during this rotation the expeditionary cyber team was deployed to carry out a variety of activities while operating against an opposing force.