New Opportunity for Transitioning Soldiers


U.S. Army Soldiers looking for civilian employment while transitioning to the civilian sector, now have a unique career skills opportunity here, offered through Airstreams Renewable Inc.

Soldiers who are 180 days from expiration – terms of service (ETS), can attend a seven week accelerated training course in the challenging career field of wind and other adjacent industries.

“They receive all the training certifications they need to gain an entry level position in the wind, or cellular communication industry,” said Carl Ashmead, Fort Irwin Career Skills Program, Training Manager “while they’re in the program, we are presenting job opportunities they can apply for, we have about an 80 % placement rate after completion of this course.”

According to the training manager, the average compensation for an entry level position in this career field can be anywhere from $40,000 – $60,000 a year.

“There are some graduates who earn much more based on the job they take, some individuals are pulling six figure salaries within 24 months,” said Ashmead.

The Career Skills Program (CSP) is an affiliate of the Soldier for life Transition Services Program. To participate in the High Desert Campus for Airstreams Renewable Inc., Soldiers should apply with an admissions application, gain command approval through a signed memorandum for record and secure financial funding through the Veterans Online Application Process (VONAPP).

“We worked very hard to become part of the CSP program,” said David Schulgen, Founder of Airstreams Renewable Inc., “This industry wants veterans, the upward mobility in this industry is huge.”

For further questions regarding the Fort Irwin High Desert Campus for Airstreams Renewable Inc., call (760) 383-7100 ext. 1301