Wine Shop… At Home?

FORT IRWIN, Calif. – As a brand new United States Army spouse, Bethany Vogel has adjusted to her new Army life by becoming a Wine Shop At Home consultant giving the Fort Irwin community new reasons to get together.

Recently, Vogel teamed up to host a Jewelry & Wine evening event here at the Sandy Basin Community Center. For two hours, participants had the opportunity to paint on a canvas, sample light snacks, and try a few different kinds of red and white wines.

“We filled up about a week before. Everybody showed up and we had a good time,” said Vogel. “Everybody went up, they got their beads and then throughout the evening we shared our beverages and gave them a little bit here and there about the beverages and about things that pair well with it.”

Bringing Fort Irwin community members together is Vogel’s mission, but she has also realized that being a consultant for Wine Shop At Home has strengthened the relationship with her husband at home.

“We both enjoy wine. He proposed up in Napa actually,” said Vogel. “We’ve grown in our wine experience together throughout our relationship. It’s a fun thing that brings us together, but it brings us together in different ways because we’re very different people.”

In addition to focusing on the local community, Vogel supports local vineyards as Wine Shop At Home is exclusive to Napa Valley, California.

“All of the wines that we have at these events are from Napa,” commented Vogel. “The grapes are sourced from around the world but the wine is made in Napa Valley, California.”

Moving around every few years is a tough life, but Vogel knows that bringing people together is an important part of Army life and sharing her passion with the community is her mission.

“I specialize in wine tastings. It’s an educational experience,” said Vogel. “It’s for everybody.”

Teaching community members about their wine pairings, Bethany Vogel, a U.S. Army spouse and Wine Shop At Home consultant, displays a small variety of snacks including chocolate, cheese, crackers, and fruit.

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