New Central Issue Facility Opens

The Fort Irwin Central Issue Facility has moved locations with more modern conveniences and is now open for business after a ribbon cutting here, Dec. 16.

The new facility operated under the Logistics Readiness Center provides Soldiers with modern fitting rooms, sewing support and proper uniform wearing displays in a warm and modern store like environment. The upgrade will also help reduce wait times during the issuing of uniforms and gear.

“At our previous building, we were working out of storage containers, it made it real difficult when you ran short of items,” said Victor Cozart, CIF Manager, site lead “Now with the luxury of the warehouse being so close, we can reduce wait times when issuing items.”

The new CIF facility, bldg. 934, will be open Mon. through Fri. from 0730-1630 and is located between Inner Loop Rd. and G Ave.

“This renovated warehouse facility replaces WWII buildings that CIF has been using for the last 18 years,” said Jerry Walsh, Fort Irwin Logistics Readiness Center (LRC), director “and will directly contribute to enhancing NTC Soldier readiness and morale as every Soldier assigned to the Installation pass through CIF.

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