Letter to the Editor:


High Desert Warrior,

The 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley, Kansas, would like to thank the National Training Center and all of the Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, Sailors, and Department of the Army Civilians that assisted with the recent 2nd Brigade, 1ID rotation (17-06).  The professional approach to the development and conduct of a unit’s NTC rotation builds critical readiness and provides essential “decisive action” experiences for leaders and Soldiers at all echelons throughout the brigade combat team.

Thank you to the Observer Controller Trainers — all the “critter team” under COL Ross Coffman’s and CSM Martin’s leadership, that provide incredible feedback to our units on “how we are doing” at the multiple tasks that Soldiers and units conduct in the rotation — the Dagger Brigade learned at every opportunity; whether it was a “hotwash” discussion, a green book After Action Review, or the final AAR.  The world renowned 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment — Blackhorse is a tough adversary to fight in the Box.  In every mission, Blackhorse Troopers lived up to their outstanding reputation — the Daggers are better after lining up against your formations — “Allons”.  And to all hundreds of additional heroes here at the NTC that contributed to the Dagger rotation – the Operations Group in the Star Wars building, the 916th Support Brigade, the Fort Irwin Garrison, the MEDEVAC Teams, Weed Army Community Hospital, and the Headquarters under the leadership of BG Broadwater and CSM Rebuck.

2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division is now arriving back at Fort Riley, Kansas; where the Daggers will build unit readiness in preparation for the unit’s upcoming Fall-2017 deployment to Europe.  The entire Team at the National Training Center has been an essential element of building readiness within 2/1ID — the Big Red One thanks each of you for your dedication and contributions to assisting the Dagger Brigade to be “Ready Now.”


Patrick D. Frank


Deputy Commanding General

1st Infantry Division

Fort Riley, Kansas