Vacation Bible School attendance soar

Eighty-one volunteers from the Fort Irwin community come together to teach children Bible lessons with age appropriate activities during Vacation Bible School at Main Post Chapel, June 9.

Every summer, the Religious Services Office holds a weeklong outreach program for children of the community called Vacation Bible School at Main Post Chapel.

This year’s program brought in approximately 198 children, with a total of 240 to include nursery and watch care services for the 81 volunteers, June 5-9.

During the week children learn different bible lessons geared toward their age group to teach them the word of God with age appropriate activities such as, music, crafts and games.

“Any time I see children put faith in God, it thrills me because they have so many conflicting messages today and fewer and fewer families are going to church on a regular basis,” stated Susan Taylor, co-director of VBS. Taylor enjoys programs like VBS because she believes anytime children can see adults who love God and love Jesus, come together and talk about him freely, and by expressing what he means to them can change a child’s life.

Taylor, along with Jennifer Alvidrez, co-director, volunteered to coordinate the program with Evelyn Lurhuma to afford the children of the community the opportunity to participate in a program they themselves have such strong beliefs in.

Volunteers and children from Fort Irwin community sing praises through song and dance during Vacation Bible School at Main Post Chapel, June 7.

“The biggest kick I get is watching the kids sing. I love watching them with their hands in the air and them coming together to praise God is a sweet sound to God’s ear,” said Taylor.

The program relies in whole on the volunteers who dedicate their time and service every summer.

Volunteers like Jeannette Smith who brought her son to VBS the summer of 2016, credits the restoration of her family’s faith in God to VBS. This year she decided to volunteer because she enjoys the positive atmosphere and how organized the program was put together.

The RSO hopes the program will continue to grow in the years to come by either allowing more children to participate or holding two weeks of Vacation Bible School.

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