Col Taylor Signs Off


(Editor’s Note: The following is a farewell message from Col. G. Scott Taylor and his family. It was originally posted to the Ft Irwin Connection Facebook page)

This is my final post on this page, at least under this picture and profile…it has been my privilege to serve the great Soldiers, Civilians, and Families of this community for these past two years as your Garrison Commander. As I mentioned in my farewell remarks yesterday, it has been a challenging job but always rewarding. Hopefully, most of you believed that I genuinely meant what I said that the goal was to make “every day better” for our community and that I genuinely cared. As I’ve told many over the past two years, I never asked the residents and employees or soldiers of Fort Irwin to wander around with delusions that Fort Irwin was some kind of idyllic, perfect location…it is remote and in many ways limited in what the Army can provide but it can also be an amazing place. We share a commonality of purpose and a very, very important mission – to prepare our nation’s Army and its Soldiers to go into harm’s way well-trained to do their mission and return home safely to their families. Everyone on Fort Irwin contributes in one way or another to that end. That mission calls for sacrifice by all and selfless service in some way to achieve that end. But if I can offer one piece of parting advice to all, as one who has been stationed at the NTC twice now…once in the late 80s, when the NTC really was austere, and again now…get out of your homes or barracks and get involved in the community….participate in the community at fairs, with club activities, attend chapel offerings and get to know the folks in your neighborhoods…if you do, I know you will find your assignment to Fort Irwin every bit as rewarding and enjoyable as the Taylors have and may find that it is one of your very best duty stations, as we have. I wish you all the best and encourage you to provide the same level of support and candid feedback to COL Seth Krummrich as you have me – that is the best way that we can all make the home of the “crown jewel” of the United States Army that much better for all our tenants. Don’t just survive Fort Irwin but thrive there….you’ll be glad that you got involved and made the effort in the end. The Taylors will miss all of you and though we did stop to get a picture with Cyle the Coyote on our way out yesterday, we did not kiss him because we’d be happy to come back some day. Thanks to all who made this such a great assignment. This is Guardian 6 “Ancient”….signing off.