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2916th Christmas Toy Drive 

2916th is doing a Christmas toy drive to benefit Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.  Collection boxes have been placed inside the Barstow Walmart (near the customer service desk) and inside the main PX in front of the old Petals and Blooms store. Donations accepted through Dec. 12. For more information contact

Santa at Main Post Helipad

Santa will be making an extra stop this year at the Main Post Helipad, Bldg. 156, Avenue B, Dec. 9 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.  Families are welcome to bring cameras to take a picture with Santa in a Blackhawk. Charlie Co, 2916th Aviation Battalion is looking for donations to “assist” Santa with handing out toys this year.  If you would like to donate, or for more information, contact 1st Lt. Thompson at

Safety Tip: Cold Weather Injuries

As temperatures drop, with nighttime and early morning lows remaining around freezing, there is increasing potential for cold weather injuries. Using unapproved heating sources also increases the potential for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Early symptoms include headaches, nausea and fatigue.  These symptoms are often mistaken for the flu.  Ensure you have working carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

Exchange Laundromat Closure & Alternatives

The Exchange Laundromat located within the Post Office complex and Class 6 on Goldstone Road has been closed for extensive maintenance. Your alternative for coin operated laundry services is to use Bldg. 6075, located in the RUBA on South Loop Dr., adjacent to the RUBA Burger King, or Bldg. 1039, located within the Augmentee Barracks complex on G Ave, between 3rd and 4th St. Both of these facilities are open 24 hours, seven days a week.

2017 USPS Holiday Mailing Dates

To ensure timely delivery of holiday wishes by Dec. 25 to loved ones stationed overseas, the United States Postal Service recommends that cards and packages be sent to military APO/FPO/DPO addresses no later than the dates listed on the USPS website, Guidelines for packing, addressing, and shipping items to U.S. Troops can be found at

CID: Beware of ‘Sextortion’ Scams

The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command’s Computer Crime Investigative Unit (CCIU) continues to caution the Army community to be on the lookout for “sextortion scams” where criminals use legitimate online dating sites to make contact with potential victims and then attempt to blackmail them.

When using a legitimate online dating site, victims are more apt to provide personal information and or participate in online “compromising acts;” however, CID officials are warning Soldiers and others to be very cautious of their online communications and activity and not share intimate, personal information with strangers or people you have never met in person.

Officials describe “sextortion scams” as cyber sexual extortion where perpetrators conduct schemes that leverage online sexual acts for financial gain or other forms of blackmail.

“These criminals will try to get unsuspecting service members to engage in online sexual activities and then demand money or favors in exchange for not publicizing potentially embarrassing information or turning them over to law enforcement,” said Marc Martin, special agent-in-charge at CCIU’s Washington Metro Office.

Once the Soldier stends a compromising photo or participates in a video chat, the perpetrator threatens to send those images to the Soldier’s command, family, and friends unless “ransom money” is paid, according to Martin.

Army CID agents say they can help if you find yourself in this type of predicament. Victims can seek information on rights and assistance from: Army Victim/Witness Liaison Program – VWL will assist victim in contacting agencies or individuals responsible for providing necessary services and relief. For more information about computer security, other computer-related scams and to review previous cyber-crime alert notices and cyber-crime prevention flyers visit the Army CID CCIU website at

Army to Begin Providing Medical Care to Chem/Bio Research Volunteers

The U.S. Army is notifying veterans that they may be eligible to receive medical care if they participated in U.S. Army chemical or biological substance testing from 1942 to 1975 and have an injury or disease that they believe was proximately caused by their participation.  Recently a class action lawsuit filed by the Vietnam Veterans of America required the U.S. Army to provide medical care to veterans who volunteered to contribute to the advancement of the U.S. biological and chemical programs.

To be eligible for medical care, veterans who may fall within this identified class must have:

• A Department of Defense Form 214 or War Department discharge/separation form(s) or the functional equivalent.

• Served as a volunteer medical research subject in a U.S. Army chemical or biological substance testing program from 1942 to 1975, including the receipt of medications or vaccines under the U.S. Army investigational drug review. 

• A diagnosed medical condition they believe to be a direct result of their participation in a U.S. Army chemical or biological substance testing program.

Medical care, to include medications, will be provided at the closest military medical treatment facility that has the capability and capacity.  Medical care will be provided on a space available basis for a specific period of time as described in the authorization letter, and is supplemental to the comprehensive medical care a plaintiff is entitled to receive through the VA based on their status as a veteran.

Eligible veterans are encouraged to go to or call 1-800-984-8523 if they have any questions or need assistance.

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