#KnowYourMil: Sgt. Faatali Siaea

Courtesy Fort Irwin

U.S. Army Sgt. Faatali Siaea, an 89B Ammunition Specialist for Operations Group, reenlisted at the National Training Center’s iconic painted rocks March 19. 

Originally from American Samoa, Siaea joined the Army for the educational opportunities. However, now that he’s only three classes shy of an associate degree, he has shifted directions to stay in the Army.

“I just enjoy serving my country and leading Soldiers. It’s the camaraderie,” said Siaea. “I really want to go drill sergeant; I really want to lead the new Soldiers coming in.”

The National Training Center is Siaea’s second duty station. Before arriving at the NTC, his only experience with the “Box” was as a Rotational Training Unit (RTU) Soldier during his first assignment at Fort Hood, Texas. That experience made him a bit hesitant to continue in the Army, once he received orders assigning him to the NTC.

Sivaea said his biggest influence to reenlist came a little after the installation’s newcomers briefing.

“After the briefing, Brig. Gen. Jeff Broadwater, commander of the National Training Center, conducted a run and stopped at various locations giving history and motivational talks,” he said. “I remember him saying that Fort Irwin is what you make of it.”

Shortly after the briefing, he said his outlook changed.

“I love it here. The change of pace is great, you know your schedule, I get to go to school and actually do my job, which is amazing,” said Siaea. “I plan on staying here longer if I get the choice.”

For his reenlistment, Siaea chose Broadwater to administer the oath of reenlistment.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he said. “He [Broadwater] takes care of his Soldiers and it’s an honor to have the highest ranking officer of the National Training Center to reenlist me.”

While stationed at Fort Irwin, Siaea became the Non-commissioned Officer (NCO) of the month for Operations Group in November 2017. In addition, he was recognized as the NCO of the Quarter for Operations Group in December 2017.

His long-term goal is to earn a degree in science and retire from the Army as a command sergeant major. 

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