First RTU of 2019 challenged but successful at the NTC

FORT IRWIN, Calif. ­—  On the morning of Jan. 17, the 1/11 ACR OPFOR in the role of guerrilla fighters, were tasked to defend the town of Razish from the Rotational Unit (RTU), 3/1 CAV. Sixty-five OPFOR fighters battled the RTU’s movement into the city with artillery, armored vehicles, and machine gun teams. The 3/1 CAV used the rain, fog, and smoke to their advantage to surround Razish, fight their way into the town, and enter buildings.

The 3/1 CAV focused on the eastern side of the city and the OPFOR quickly responded to regain control of the outer part of the city.  Blackjack and Dealer Troops (Demon Battalion) executed a mounted counterattack, aided by a dismounted counterattack of 2 platoons of 1st ID (Guest Blackhorse). This allowed the defenders to further degrade the RTU’s ability to move freely around the city. The RTU treated their casualties and executed personnel recovery drills while tank platoons reinforced their attack to successfully repel the OPFOR.

While the RTU was successful in seizing Razish, the OPFOR presented the brigade with major challenges across multiple domains. The RTU’s use of electronic jamming capabilities further challenged the OPFOR’s ability to communicate in the complex urban defense. The challenging pace of the urban fight highlighted the critical need for the OPFOR to focus on retaining buildings and city blocks while the attackers relied on eliminating enemy forces in order to seize the city itself. When Razish fell, the RTU set the conditions for follow on operations in the surrounding area. The seizure of the town enabled the RTU to establish a deliberate defense to protect the international border.

CPL Roberson leading a fire team to re-seize urban centers in Old Town, Razish.


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