Looking for fun? Check Out Outdoor Rec

Even with the recent snow, you may never be able to ski Tiefort Mountain, but you can rent skis and snowboard at Outdoor Rec on Fort Irwin.

Fort Irwin, Calif. — There’s an old joke that even though the National Training Center isn’t quite in the middle of nowhere, you can see it from here.

But many residents of Fort Irwin have learned that instead of being completely isolated, Fort Irwin is within easy driving distance to some of the best attractions in the Southwest.

For some, off-post entertainment focuses on the glitz of Las Vegas or a trip to one of SoCal’s world-class amusement parks.

But also within a couple hours drive, are National Parks and wilderness areas with great camping areas. Lakes, rivers and streams for kayaking or fishing and mountain ski resorts are just a few miles away.

Skiing, camping, kayaking, fishing and other outdoor activities sound great, but the cost of the equipment to really have a memorable time in the great outdoors, can be out of the reach of the average Army family budget.

Fort Irwin Outdoor Recreation has the answer.

From ski and snowboard rentals, to everything you need for that perfect camping trip, Outdoor Rec can rent you what you need at prices far below what you would pay off-post.

For example, an adult ski package rental in Big Bear costs an average of $20 per day. The same package at Fort Irwin Outdoor Recreation runs just $17 for three days, according to Edward Iden, manager of the Outdoor Recreation office.

Iden takes great pride in the quality of the equipment available at Outdoor Rec.

“We make sure that we spend the money to get the best available equipment for our customers,” he said. “In the past, they tried to save money by purchasing the least expensive equipment they could find. What happened is it just didn’t last.”

The bargain equipment turned out to not be such a good deal for the customers of Outdoor Rec. It would break easily and required constant maintenance.

Making sure that Outdoor Rec purchases and maintains quality equipment insures that the gear is ready and available to customers, according to Iden.

Also available for rent, are several types of bicycles. A top of the line Trek road bike costs $25 for a three-day rental. A full month is $189. Not only does Outdoor rec rent bikes, the staff also offers quality repairs for customer owned bikes.

In addition to outdoor sports equipment, Outdoor Rec has a large assortment of paintball equipment, outdoor games and party supplies, including “bounce-houses.”

To learn more, or to see a full list of available equipment visit Outdoor Rec on the web at: https://irwin.armymwr.com/programs/outdoor-recreation