Upcoming Events: March 2019


*Military Ball tickets are on sale for the Operations Group. Visit “NTC Operations Group Ball 2019” on Facebook.

*Live #FacebookRoundup every Wednesday at 2:30p.m., where the Garrison Office answers your questions on the Fort Irwin Connections’ Facebook page and KNTC 89.5FM The Heat radio

March 2019 Calendar:

-3/1-3/2: Seafood Road Show: Commissary (10-6p.m. and 10:30-5p.m.)

-3/1: Sawtooth Canyon Climbing: Outdoor Rec (8-6p.m.)

-3/2: SKEET Tournament: Outdoor Rec (9-1p.m.)

-3/4: Resume Workshops: SFL-Tap Bldg. 312. 760.380.5644 (9a.m. and 5p.m)

-3/4: Family Childcare Classes: Bldg. 1313

-3/6: MCSC Spring Family Super Hero Dance Party Fundraiser: Sandy Basin 5:30-8:30p.m.)

-3/6-4/24: Bowling Center League for kids every Wednesday: Bowling Center bldg. 905

-3/7: Play Mornings: Building 1315 (1015-11:30a.m.) 760.380.4081

-3/8: Michaels Education Foundation Scholarship Kick-off: Sandy Basin (4-7p.m.)

-3/9: Odessa Canyon: Outdoor Rec (8-6p.m.)

-3/14: Spring Cleaning Rummage Sale: Thrift Store (12-4p.m.)

-3/16: Family Climb: Meet at Resiliency Campus (3-5p.m.)

-3/15: Luck of the Leprechaun WOD: Box Fitness Gym (5-9a.m.)

-3/16: Spring Into Fitness 80’s Run: Box Fitness Gym (8-10a.m.)

-3/20: Cinderella’s Workshop with Operation Deploy Your Dress: Sandy Basin (6-8p.m.)

-3/21: Mardi Gras MCSC Monthly Luncheon: Sandy Basin (11a.m.-1p.m.)

-3/23: Land sailing: Outdoor Rec (8a.m.)

-3/25-3/29: MST Spring Camp (Contact MST for details)

-3/26: Land Sailing: Outdoor Rec (8-6p.m.)

-3/27: Women’s History Month Celebration: Sandy Basin (11-1p.m.)

-3/27: Irwin Army Ten Miler Team Tryout#1: Jackrabbit Park (6a.m.)

-3/27: Big Bear Lake “Soar” Field Trip: MST enrolled students (760.380.9487)

-3/28: Big Bear Ski Shuttle: Outdoor Rec (6-6:30p.m.)

-3/29: Inscription Canyon Desert Discovery: Outdoor Rec (9a.m.)

-3/30: Tiefort Mountain Climb: Outdoor Rec (7a.m.)

-3/30: Post-wide Power Outage (6-6p.m.)

*Every Monday: Happy Hour at Sam Adams (4-6p.m.)

*Every Tuesday: Trivia Night at Sam Adams at 7p.m.

*Every Wednesday: Open Mic Night at Shock Wave from 7-10p.m.

*Every Thursday: Crazy Karaoke at Samuel Adams from 7-11p.m.

*For more information, you can contact the Public Affairs Office at 760-380-4511, the MWR at 760-380-5111 or the respective organization that is hosting the event*